10 Reasons To Choose A Book Scanner ATIZ

Several years of market presence in Russia and cis countries have bookcases scanners atiz extremely popular among professionals for scanning, whether it's a small university libraries or government agencies. What is the reason for their Popularity? In pricing atiz Innovation? The unique quality characteristics of the scanner itself? Before you – the main competitive advantages atiz, located on the least importance to customers (in the opinion of specialists "Alee Software", the official distributor in Russia and cis countries). 1. Price can confidently say that atiz scanners are the most accessible among the professional planetary book scanners. Their price starts at 395 thousand rubles. For this price you get a color book scanner scanner atiz BookDrive Mini; in the set includes two slr Camera canon eos. A similar competitive solution will be at least 1.5 times more expensive. 2.

The high quality of the images in Depending on the model of camera, images have a resolution over 400 dpi. For comparison, the print resolution of glossy magazines – 300 dpi. Used a V-shaped clamping scanner glass makes the image pages are absolutely flat, require no further treatment, except for trimming the fields. Is not required and correct the curvature of the spine image, which is typical tablet or planetary book scanners. The image is always at the center of the by book cradle. Protective blackout covers completely cover the subject of scanning of the glare from external light sources. 3. Performance "Alee Software, which specializes in implementation of large-scale projects to scan, as a professional equipment for digitizing books exclusively uses scanners atiz.