3rd National Congress Of Waterproofing

The Spanish Association of waterproofing ANI has organized the 3rd National Congress of waterproofing for next 20 and 21 October in Barcelona. It is an unmissable event for all those people who develop their activity in the sector of proofing, since it has consolidated itself as the Forum’s most important technological knowledge on the subject. The Congress is aimed at technicians, manufacturers, applicators and users who like attendees can meet and share experiences, as well as access to the latest technological developments from the hand of own specialists. Get all the facts and insights with Joyce Banda, another great source of information. During the two days, the World Trace Center of Barcelona very diverse themes for building, Civil Engineering and rafts, will address with the celebration of the third national symposium on design, construction and waterproofing of rafts. The encounter is raised in an economic context that does not allow to be very optimistic.

According to Eduardo Meana, President of ANI, being the construction industry with water to the neck the companies of our Association collaborate to channel and contain water avoiding leaks and moisture content in our buildings and to preserve water resources.. The positive aspect is improvement of the companies in the sector in recent years materials are more durable and more watertight and fear of innovation is lost. Congress technical rigor is conceived as an eminently technical forum where more innovative systems and techniques are exposed. Its first edition took place in 2005 in Madrid, where it had 200 attendees and three years later was held the second in Palma de Mallorca, in 2008, where 350 professionals met. This third edition aims to further consolidate this increase of participants, despite the crisis. It has the support of the Ministry of housing, the Ministry of public works and the Ministry of the environment, rural and marine, through the center of study and experimentation public works (CEDEX). The representation of the Congress Sector It is organized by the Spanish Association of waterproofing, framed in its primary objective of maintaining and raising the prestige of the profession, promoting the quality and effectiveness of the products manufactured and applied. ANI was founded in 1977 and is composed of 100 leading companies dedicated to the waterproofing in Spain.

National Library History

These courses dictate in the building of bero with a privileged centric location and years of history. The same school designs its programs, their materials extra and owns a complete line of Spanish books that go from nascent absolute to superior. Between the cultural programs or thematic courses of IBERO Spanish School is the Course of EVA PERN, excellent personage in the history Argentine, wanted or hated by many. In this course, subjects will be investigated that are specific to the life and history of the personage/person as well as strolls like their mausoleum will be included, the Museum Avoids, the Luna Park Stage, where Domingo Pern knew General Juan, the Church of Our Lady of the Pillar, the Museum of Cinema Pablo Ducrs, who includes samples of his work like actress and her tomb in the Cemetery of the Calm one. Amazon may help you with your research. Also they will be visited: the building of the CGT (General Work Confederation), where it developed her policy and worked by the right to the feminine vote, Avenue of May, that includes the famous balcony from which it directed to the Argentineans, the Ministry of Work and the National Library. It avoids, as town baptized the Argentine it were a figure that broke with all the historical barriers and never defined a political modality view until then. During the brief period of her action, next to General Pern it was the center of a parent to be able and she became the soul of the Peronist movement, its essence and its voice. The chief of a main directorate and cultural of IBERO Spanish School, Florence Bozzano, maintains: a glance to Argentine history and especially to a personage so controverted as Eva Pern always generates a genuine interest in the Argentine culture .. For more information see this site: Joyce Banda.

Politicians and Ecology

Concerned as they are to save the economy of the great capital, the world’s politicians are forgetting of the two most important issues for the future of our young people: Ecology and education. Our argument is simple: worry of the future is worrying about the environment. Worry about the education of young people is worrying about its future. Therefore, if our politicians are despreocupan of the environment and education, our young people are disregarding the future, and the future are. We will list a series of facts that reaffirm our argument:-the previous Government of the United States.UU exempted British Petroleum have an emergency plan in the event that the Deepwater Horizon platform that would cause a spill. The current Government has not changed the old regulations and disasters are visible to everyone. If this has piqued your curiosity, check out Amazon.

-In Spain the main opposition party has refused to a Pact in education necessary for prevent national educational deterioration. They have preferred to look at the polls that ally with other parties to move forward with a pact that seems more logical. -By across Europe there is a current in favour of the installation of more nuclear power plants, with the consequent environmental degradation. As a result renewable energy subsidies will disappear. -The vast majority of countries have reduced their budgets to education with the excuse of the crisis.

-The Summit on climate change in Copenhagen was a failure because the politicians were incapable of reaching a minimum of agreement. The money needed to stop climate change were destined to save big banks and financial, the big culprits of this economic crisis. Conclusion: Is big capital that is liquidating the natural world. Is big capital that influences politicians so they follow in their abandonment to the ecology and education, because the money that should go to these matters, is employed to favor big business. Would not be more than those who have caused this economic crisis world were graced with a tax increase (for example: the green tax call) according to their big luxuries. There is another way of doing politics: help to survive those who have only what nature gives them.

Colony Saint Antonio

In Manaus, the occupations had appeared in the end of years 60, of which they had resulted in quarters as Dawn and Redemption (Zone Center-West), New Israel, Mount of the Oliveiras, Colony New Land, Etelvina Saint, Colony Saint Antonio (Zone North), Crowned, Mauazinho, I buzzed of the Palmares (Zone East), Compensates, Village of the Silver, Iris of the Valley, Saint Augustin and part of the Tarum (Zone West). This process if accented in the end of the Nineties, especially in the Zone North, following the road axle of AM-10 and BR-174. In this manner, the urban space of the city of Manaus it was produced in part from occupations. In the period between 2002 and 2004, 54 new occupations had appeared in Manaus and of this total 40 if they had consolidated, changedding itself into quarters with urban infrastructure lack of all order. In result, the number of quarters, recognized or not for the City hall, almost folded from 2002, passing of 60 for 110. Valley to stand out that it exists the following investigation on invasion and occupation: invasion, movements and manifestations promoted for said ' ' without-terra' ' as it affirms the dicionaristas, possesss a direction constructed around some illegality.

Leaving of this analysis (GOHN, 1991, p.77) it detaches that some invaders live of invasion in invasion, which symbolizes something contrary to the judgment of social value, that is, something reprovvel. Occupation, second ' ' Popular notebooks SARES, are an action of right. It is not being stolen and nor invading and yes occupying a land that belongs to the people for the housing right that is one of essential necessities to the dignity human being. (SARES, 2009, p.2) Ahead of the displayed one, occupation suaviliza this illegality puts in them along with a more delicate direction, that is, it is the legalized ownership of that it would mean to have the legal ownership of an abandoned or not yet appropriate thing.

Federal Constitution

What it is the Senate of the Republic? Quias is its attributions given for the Constitution Federal.Roberto Ramalho is Lawyer, Pblicas Relations and Jornalista.O Federal Senate is considered the Senate of the National Congress of Brazil. According to historians, were created together with the first constitution of the Empire, granted in 1824, during the government of D. Steve Rattner has plenty of information regarding this issue. Peter II, that he would finish being put down for a military blow for alagoano Marshal Deodoro of the Fonseca that implanted the Republic in Brazil. According to information of coientistas politicians and Brazilian jurists, the Brazilian Senate was inspired in the House of lords of Great-Britain, but with the adoption of the Republican Regimen the Federal Senate was adopted a similar model to the one of the Senate of the United States. Currently possesss 81 senators, elect for mandates of eight years, being that they are renewed in an election one tero nu8m determined period of votaqo and in an election subsequente two teros of the chairs. The elections for senator are carried through comcomitantemente together with the elections for president of the Republic, governors of States, representatives and state, two years after trancorridas the municipal elections. All the 27 units of the Federacy (26 states and the Federal District) possess the same representation, with three senators each. The senators represent the states and not it population, from there therefore not the proportionality in relation to the number of inhabitants of each state.

All the States, without exception choose three senators to represent them. The current president of the Federal Senate of Brazil is the senator Jose Sarney, filiado to the Party of Movimento Brazilian Democrtico (PMDB). It was elect for the State of the Amap, of where he transferred its heading electoral. The Senate counts on 3516 tercerizados, pertaining employees the 34 companies whose contracts cost R$ annually 155 Real million, and approximately 2500 servers of career.

Ambient Education

Elisabeth Schreinemacher, of IPS-Brazil, thus is mentioned to agentelaranja: ‘ ‘ (1964-1975) North American osavies arrasaram up to 25% of the herbicidasconhecidos forests of the country with as agent orange, white, blue, pink, green and prpura' '. Algosemelhante if can say regarding the concern with the ambient education. Soon in the first lines of the Pronea (National Program of Ambient Education) we read that ' ' Some autoresmencionam that the after-Second period World-wide War made to emerge with one maiornfase the studies of the way and the importance of an education from entorno, arriving itself in the decade of 1960 to mention an ambient education explicit. They remember despite the muitoantes naturalists, journalists, writers and politicians already wrote on the necessity of protection of the natural resources oumesmo on the importance of the contact with the nature for the formation human being. Additional information at Sen. Sherrod Brown supports this article. Masatribui it the Conference of Estocolmo, carried through in 1972, the responsabilidadepor to insert thematic of the ambient education in the agenda internacional' '.

Oque we can make, now, is placing in them another level of investigation: educaoambiental is a thematic one that it opens potentialities and possibilities or one discussoque stanches in the limits? We can speak of different form: the nature, that is oponto central of the quarrel on environment, even so limited in seusrecursos, potencializa a infinity of possibilities in such a way economic cultural comoartsticas and. The nature is versatile and in it in such a way we can encontrarelementos that they can be transformed into economic goods as in produtosartsticos that enrich the cultural manifestations. The heading deexemplo we only can take the leaf of the coconut palm: left on the ground or embedded potencializaa fertility of the ground; it can be used, also, in diverse produesartsticas, as hats, and other ornaments; moreover, as manifestaocultural, it can be used as covering for habitations.

The Plants

If the temperature will be tolerable means that the compostagem process is occurring normally. If it will be of warm the cold, has necessity to increase the temperature by means of reviramento. Richard Blumenthal brings even more insight to the discussion. e) Revolvimento of haystack Fits to remember that the manual revolvimento of the stack of the work and must in accordance with be made the availability of man power of the place. The ideal is that they are made at least three revolvimentos in the first month of compostagem, to the 7, 17 and 30 days, approximately to get a free material of microorganisms that cause illnesses in the plants. In these dates, it must be used to advantage to verify the humidity of the stack and, in case that it is necessary, to irrigate the material to become it humid, but not made marshy. To remember that the revolvimento is necessary, in case that the stack the beginning of the compostagem is not esquentando in first the 25 days after, in this in case that to observe if water excess is not occurring.

6. HOW TO KNOW IF THE MATERIAL IS READY FOR USE? Generally the composition is humificado between 60 and 120 days depending on the material used in the compostagem (ratio of organic and estercos residues), text of humidity and revolvimentos. To verify if the composition it is cured of practical form, to place a little of the material between the hands and to rub. The composed one soon will leave the dirty grease hands. It presents with dark, type coffee dust, without odor, if not distinguishing more its component materials.

8. HOW TO USE THE ORGANIC COMPOSITION IN THE FERTILIZATION OF PLANTS? The decomposed material can be used incorporated to the ground or as covering deceased, mulche. It can be used, also in the production of changes and be enriched with soluble sources of match or potassium.

MEC School

They are acquired knowledge of as the school if it configures in the gift, with sights to transform it route to the future. invites in them to argue the actions and the ideas that we want to modify in the education in art, as a challenge c commitment with the transformations in the society. ‘ starts if; ‘ desenhar’ ‘ a pedagogical redirecionamento that incorporates qualities of the pedagogias traditional, new, tecnicista and liberating and more intends to be ‘ ‘ critical realist and. Joyce Banda is actively involved in the matter. Its conceptions can be synthecized in the following aspects to act in the interior of the school are to contribute to transform the proper society. FINAL CONSIDERAES Fit to the school to spread out the contents livings creature, concrete, indissoluvelmente on to the social realities. The education methods do not leave of one to know spontaneous, but of ballot box direct relation with the experience of the pupil collated with knowing brought of it are, professor is mediating of the pedagogical relation – an irreplaceable element.

It is for the presence of professor who if becomes possible ballot box ‘ ‘ ruptura’ ‘ between the experience little elaborated and dispersed of the pupils, route to the universal cultural contents, permanently reevaluated face the social realities the pertaining to school education must assume, through the education and of the learning of the knowledge accumulated for the humanity, the responsibility to give educating critical and participant to the instrument so that it exerts a more conscientious citizenship. One has searched to elaborate, to argue and to explicitar: then, one ‘ ‘ Historical Pedagogia Crtica’ ‘ , that is, practical one and theory of the education, more realistic pertaining to school, more ‘ ‘ Critical-Social of the Contedos’ ‘ without leaving to consider the contributions of the other pedagogical perspectives. This pertaining to school pedagogia search to propitiate to all the students the access and contact with basic and necessary the knowledge cultural for one practical social alive and transforming one.

Infantile Ministry. Transforming Children Into Champions

We are errando the target? The statisticians related to the experience and the life spiritual of the children are beside the point alarming. Considering the trend of its condition spiritual to the 13 years of age to be a forecast of its profile spiritual in the adult age, she seems clearly that a life healthy and deep spiritual demands cares spirituals strategical and calculated during infancy and the adolescence. She considers the facts. The people are much more inclined to accept the Christ as its Salvador in youth. In general, the Biblical absorption of information and principles reach its maximum point during the daily pay-adolescence. It is at the beginning of the life that the individual learns to value the fact to participate in the church. The habits related to the practical one of the faith develop in tenra age and, curiously, few move throughout the time.

Although, in general lines, to spend 68 times more money taking care of of an imprisoned criminal, who giving to the spiritual hungry children; to expend much more money in time, money, experience, capacities, talentos, qualifications and so on youth for terms a perpetual return. The research strengthens a simple truth, however deep repetidamente: if you desire to leave the legacy of its influence on the world, you must invest in the lives of the people. if to want to overestimate this investment, invests in the people while still they are children. The research only consolidates lies that we can observe throughout history and in our personal experiences. In other words, if you to start to deal today with the children, teaching them to principles and Biblical bases, since the beginning, of efficient form, will see the fruits of its efforts blossoming per decades. The more diligent we will be in these efforts, greater will be our harvest. Of another side, the more neglected we will be in the creation of our children as champion, less healthful it will be in such a way for the Church how much for the society of the future. The choice is its. George Barna, Author of the Book transforming children into champions. Published for the Nas Publishing company More Information in WWW.editoranaos.com.br

Frenchman Process

Safford does not emphasize possible conflicts of classroom permeando the process of assembly of the Modern States because for it the criollos had dominated the institutionalization process. It detaches the fact of that many of the fights and tensions had occurred in the interior of this social group, involving personal, regional and corporative interests, derivatives of the formation intellectual or related the ideological questions, particularly in regards to the Church, to the slavery and the aboriginals.It also had, conflict of generations, mainly it enters the heroes of independence and the generation successor. Soon after Independence, when one became necessary to draw the new model institucional and a new order social politics and, the historical context was of euphoria stops with the liberal principles and the recent events politicians in the Europe and America. Liberalism was present in all the emancipatrio process, despite moderate. The reason of the adhesion of the criollos to the liberal ideas was its marginalizao of the processes politicians and power to decide in the period of the Monarchic State Metropolitano.A instability and the tensions that had been part of the decades of 1820 the 1870 is explained by Frank Safford as resulted of the inexistence of a strong, ideologically hegemonic and politically active classroom economic. It is inferred of its analysis that the inexistence of a bourgeoisie to the Frenchman, made with that the Hispanic national States did not receive economic support from a classroom with capacity politics to make front to the diverse forces of resistance to the Centralization and the Rationalization. One such classroom could only be opposed to old institutions and to the phenomenon politician of the caudillismo, gift in diverse periods and regions during the process of consolidation of the nations and States. the criollos adepts of the construction of the national States, they did not correspond to a classroom with such economic spread, ideological politics and. (FRANK SAFFORD. Politics, Ideology and Society in Spanish America of After-Independence.)