Accountants Public Organization

The Expositions and Terms used in the Strategy must clear and be understood by all the involved in the project. Some times I have been with successful businesses that they have grown on structured bases good and with very good labor atmosphere. Which causes certain fear to the reactions before projects of increase of utilities that imply reduction of budgets of expenses, simplification of processes and if so reacomodo of personnel, without telling that a personnel reduction could appear like last alternative. Reason why success in a project cannot be had that cannot be described clearly and that it can be understood by all involved. To integrate and To align to the organization in the project of reduction of costs and expenses, the vision integral that transmits the high direction is going to allow to eliminate demotivation that can cause people or groups within the organization who or individually prevent or sobredetermine the proportions the results obtained by them or in their department, with partial improvements y7 of short term.

Participation of all the organization, the strategy of reduction of costs and expenses, has insured its success when it is considered like a work of all the organization, in whom the contributions of each one of the participants it does not remain in a particular benefit, but she is one leaves very important from the strategy of the organization. The cooperation of all the organization looks for not to put in evidence the faults of the others. Continuous improvement, the adoption of this strategy by the organization is to foment the culture and not it fashion of reduction of costs and expenses, is important that the learning that had the organization in the development of the project feels the bases of effective processes and with a motivated and enabled personnel, which doubtlessly will result in the best service the client. The benefits to engage to an office of Accountants Public that supports to the organization in translating a strategy in a successful and measurable action of reduction of costs and expenses, little they are questioned if the company/signature counts on the sufficient experience in this type of projects and it counts on the procedures to interpret and to measure the results. C.P.