Adoracion Guzman

They accuse them of having breached the route agreed with the delegation of the Government in the massive protest of last June 19. They face penalties of between 300 and 6,000 euros. Some of the participants in the large demonstration that was held in Valencia on 19 June, in the framework of the international mobilization against the Euro Pact, have begun to receive fines for having breached both the journey and the schedule that had been agreed upon with the Government delegation, according to the daily newspaper here in its digital edition, from a statement from the Group campsite Valencia. The protesters face sanctions ranging from 300 to 6,000 euros. The journal also reports that, in the disciplinary file relating to these fines, communicates to those responsible of the call that on June 19, in the demonstration communicated and organized by the 15-M movement, in which you identified with the national police as responsible, offering to collaborate and to respect the route, modified the same. Being planned step by Plaza de Tetuan-general Tovar-Palace of Justice, when it was in the plaza Tetuan is varied, diverting the street General Polanco.

To communicate this incidence, it ignored Police instructions. The dossier adds that subsequently arriving opposite the Government delegation, calle Colon number 60, where should end the demonstration after a sit-in, head to the Plaza del Ayuntamiento, where block traffic front of the consistory, giving ended the demonstration about midnight, when the schedule was 21 hours. Collective organization regarding the responsibility for the changes in the planned route, a representative of the movement 15-M, Adoracion Guzman, said, quoted by the newspaper here, the collective organization of the demonstration, it worked, how it works the 15-M, horizontal, and openly was not understood by police, who strove to identify two people as organizers and leaders. Guzman added that the agent that we identified did not have visible identification number. In this way, identified under personal duress, we are our task at the demonstration in collaboration with the rest of companeras and companeros, trying to at all times manifestation reacquired, as it happened, in absolutely peaceful and highly festive manner. A living manifestation in the communique issued by camping Valencia is indicated, in addition, that movement 15-M Street, the plug because the street is of the citizens, because their claims represent the majority sentiment of citizenship and not afraid to batons or political repression that has had us paralyzed so many years. That’s why the demonstration, alive and mutable as the movement, took a slightly different to the planned route. Nearly 80,000 people, according to organizers, took part last June 19 in Valencia in the demonstration called by Real democracy already and camping Valencia against the Euro Pact, the labor reform, political corruption and social cuts under the slogan the future is ours. Source of the news: Multan members of the 15-M that manifested themselves in Valencia against the Euro Pact