Advertising Network

February 1 Uanet launched a new service to promote offline products online – ROS.UA. This is the first digital advertising network, aimed at increasing online sales of brand manufacturers. Networking advertise directly in the field of sales – on the websites of online shops. ROS.UA together the largest in Ukraine, e-commerce platforms and works with global manufacturers of digital and consumer electronics. POS.UA – an efficient tool conveying information about the products directly to their places of sale. In test mode, the network began work in September last year. Analysis of the effectiveness POS.UA showed that, by entering the exact target audience of advertising in this network brings the best dividends sales to vendors. Thus, the result of test accommodations POS-materials for various products and consumer of digital technology in online shops indicates an increase in sales from 20% to several hundred percent – depending on the product's popularity among Internet users.

This is significant given the increasing producers' attention to the Internet as an important marketing channel. Thus, the dynamic increase Popularity of Internet channel among customers of large home appliances, in particular, said Olesya Spicheva, marketing manager BEKO Ukraine. In the past five years, experts have estimated growth of the Ukrainian market of electronic Commerce at 50% -60% annually. According to the study of Appleton Mayer at the end of last year, 71% of Ukrainians have had experience making online purchases, with 66% of online purchases made over the last 3-6 months. The most popular products are our countrymen bought online last year were computers, office equipment, appliances and books.