After Vasili Volga

More Furthermore, despite its own failure to accompany the last time in politics Vasili Volga, it is becoming more and more fierce struggles for power. And it uses all available methods and it features all the people can it somehow help to achieve his own power. And in this perspective, we can recall that just such a position held and the famous tyrants, whom we know under the names of Lenin, Hitler, Stalin, etc. What Vasili Volga pushes on this path? Is not it easier to have him after their own failures in politics back in business and do the multiplication of capital? After Vasili Volga constantly complains that he did not have enough money that they eats his political career, that money had run out and so he became even more rarely go to rest abroad. On the other hand, Vasili Volga remembers himself, and reminds others that he likes power and he loves her. To understand the logic of reasoning and action Vasily Volga, which he himself hardly able to understand, we can not do without the scientific approach, able to thoroughly explain the process. And those readers who find in strength to finish reading this article until the end, understand that everything that happens with Vasily Volga, as indeed, with other politicians in other countries, we can not call such a notion as "process". Reporting that "I love power," Vasili Volga hardly thinks that before making such a declaration, he must first come to mind such an idea.