Alfredo Landa

The actor stands out that Alfredo Landa took the coveted award for a role for 15 minutes when he was competing with the Lute. It commends the work of actresses such as Victoria Abril and Emma Suarez, and asserts that his expareja, Pastora Vega, is not short of them. Imanol Arias also regrets that for the role of Alatriste is bring the actor who brought instead of calling Carmelo Gomez. Although Imanol Arias acknowledged that the profession has been very affectionate with him, he regrets probably end before giving him a Goya for life than for a role. Does not give me the Goya is cyclical, I’ve been repeatedly nominated and I have lost against Alfredo Landa for a fifteen minute role in El Bosque Animado against El Lute, first part, but never dare to call into question, stands out. In an interview with Interviu collected by, considers that the Goya are the reflection of a part of the profession and demonstrate several things, like that he has not been a man of producer still, that has not repeated with the directors, that it has not been a politician within the film, by far have committed, and that does not belong to the medium in a Guild. So if someday give the Goya Award for his entire career would appreciate it and will say sight which has cost you.

Asked by a group of actresses in particular, he confesses that Victoria Abril is the best, with which more has grown and added that with Ornella Muti had an incredible experience, while emphasizes that angela Molina is of the most powerful that Spain has had. From Marisa Paredes says that an actress over any other, and Emma Suarez and Ana Duato says that they have given the better life that can occur in the profession.Pastora Vega don’t consider her an actress, she is the mother of my children, but I would never be at the height of any of the others. He was a great journalist, raises. On the other hand, points out that would have liked to take care of the character who finally was for Andres Pajares in Ay Carmela! as he confesses that he cried when he read the script, and surprised that his colleague would enter into the project. He also points that the main role of Alatriste should have been for Carmelo Gomez or any of his generation, by what stresses you never understood that it would bring the actor who brought, alluding to Viggo Mortensen. Source of the news: Imanol Arias believes that they have not given you any Goya because it is not “a political man” in the film