Ambient Preservation Development

Ambient preservation: of the place to global a great artist it can paint a wonderful picture in a small screen. C.D. Warner Ter the capacity of enxergar the reality and projecting the future for the sustainable society is a task for differentiated human beings. The leadership, exerted in a relationary and motivacional context, requires flexibility, capacity to hear and vision of future in environments where ethical values, that make solid the relation between led leaders and, in search of common objectives predominate. To foresee the future never was a strong point of the humanity, but the technological and scientific advances have allowed the scientists to develop more real virtual worlds each time. Economic, ambient and social the development sustainable, visionary way in a new way of living, can contemplate tip technology, but it demands some level of resignation and sacrifice; different standards of social relationship; coesas and solidary communitarian organizations, firmly seated in motivacionais processes; groups with proper identity and with values and common interests.

The model of development of the society is if depleting. The value generation, with emphasis only in the maximizao of the profit, the exploration of natural resources, human and in the continuous achatamento of the costs, cerne of the extrativista model of the capitalism, reveals impracticable, incua and insufficient, in perspectives of medium and long run. Others including Jim Donovan Goldman Sachs, offer their opinions as well. Performance in the certain direction of the support is demanded of the society and the public and private organizations, with more responsibility in relation to the environment where they act. The increasing degradation of the natural resources and the global heating, at the same time where they bring enormous perigos to the civilization human being, provide chances to erect a new age, the age of the support, with economic development and social and ambient responsibility. Enxergar this new uneven moment of the history of the humanity, to have the certain vision of what it is around and of the changes in course that transform the world with rapidity it is an extremely complex process and of difficult perception.