American Journal Top Picks

Hyundai company was founded in late 1967. Initially she worked building ships and design developments. The first time Hyundai produced under license from American Ford Cortina mk I, and then, using Japanese and British design began to produce their own cars under the brand Hyundai. In 2007, the company released an updated Hyundai Santa Fe, who has great success not only in the domestic market in Korea but also abroad. Release American Journal Top Picks this car was voted best in its class.

Compared with previous models, this has several advantages and improvements: a powerful engine to 2.7 liters (189 hp), a spacious lounge, stylish and "Expensive" design, automatic transmission, although only 4 assists, but it has good elasticity and very useful when overtaking and fast changeover. Korean car companies in recent times tend to conquer new markets. To do this, create production in various countries outside of South Korea, as mentioned above, Russia has already collected some models of Hyundai and Kia. This suggests that the Russian market is constantly expands and the demand for Korean SUVs is growing every day, even despite the increasing price dynamics. Korean manufacturers Hyundai and Kia are actively gaining positions in the Russian market. Thus, even some models of these brands are going in Russia. For example, Kia Sportage equipped with a factory in Kaliningrad, as well as Rio and Magentis.

New model Kia Sportage has a high performance suv, but at the same time the car is comfortable and on city roads. It is economical to operate and convenient. Basic equipment includes power steering, traction system, airbags, etc. In addition, the car has a roomy interior with heated seats and roomy trunk. Specifications also do not concede: two engine variants: gasoline (2.0 liters.) And diesel (2.0 liter)., Automatic transmission, four-wheel drive, traction control and stability, and and economical engine. In addition, on one platform with Kia Sportage is going, and his brother Hyundai Tucson – also one of the best sellers of the Russian automotive market. Hyundai Tucson and Kia Sportage technically identical and different, by and large, only the design.