Anyway Lane

Another example. Let's say you're in a similar situation, but standing on the first turn left. Then, after waiting for a green turn, but nedorasschityvaete trajectory and slightly left wheels cross the solid, separating flows. It would seem, who cares, because no one is not touched. But for this, too, will shine four to six months disqualification of driving, with no options.

Forgotten rules of the road movement wants to remind you that travel into the oncoming lane in some cases still valid. If the band shared the dotted line, there is an adequate review, there are no signs prohibiting overtaking, you are not transported to railway crossing, and moving towards no cars or they are very far away, pass to travel to the oncoming traffic lane will be safe and legal maneuvering. Otherwise, be prepared for the months of race walking. So Anyway, must submit in advance that you face in this or that "oncoming". Imagine a two-lane road. Solid line.

In front of your car suddenly stops the car and includes emergency gang. You are "on tiptoe" start it and just bypass the edge of the wheel move out into the oncoming lane. There also appears quirky policeman, providing for your actions, for the most treasured article 12.15, the fourth part. The main thing in this situation – not worry and no hurry to part with the nth sum of money. Because the official views of the traffic police in this case is that if you are able to bypass the obstacle on the right, but traveled on the "oncoming" – the ruble will be punished, rather 1000 or 1500 rubles.