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True or false Martian fable in Yes, your story involves enormous reflections for human life, that make us think and towards towards a greener lifestyle and humanist: the man adapted with their environment and with himself. I say this that is gaining strength the proposed Socialist, including up to his utopian features, since it sometimes seems that the real thing is useless to save himself, having to throw hand of idealistic men capacity. I tell myself that if after reading these notes, we think that socialism is not the way, is because surely we will already be dead (in the case that we think somehow after dead). We need a new man, a new consciousness, a new world of environmental and interpersonal relations, completely overcome historic misfortune that we live with the present political system of things. Notes: Fidel Castro Ruz: Pittsburgh and the Margarita Island Summit Online. In Aporrea.org. 28 sep 2009. 2nd screen.

. Query: 15 Dec 2009. M see the following chronology: U.S. invasions. Chronological listing Online / taken of the Division of International Affairs, Congressional Research service, Library of Congress (Office of printing press of the Government of United States, Washington D.C., 1975).