Argentina Confederation

was then that the destination intervened one more time, and again for related death of somebody with the mission. Swarmed by offers, novelist is currently assessing future choices. In March the death of the Baron of Aguiar de Andrada gives to the Rio Branco the place of representative of Brazil, in the negotiations. Now, in May, the Argentine plenipotentiary Bald Nicolas died, and in its place Buenos Aires places the Dr Estanislau Zeballos. Estanislau Zeballos is the same with who Quintino Bocaiva signs the Treat one to Montevidu, in 1890, in which she was made right, the division of the Territory of the Missions, between Brazil and Argentina. More information is housed here: Joyce Banda. Tracing, this treating, ' ' the best limits naturais' ' ' ' saving populations brasileiras' ' ' ' saving populations argentinas' ' found in the passage of the landmark line. The treated one was signed the 25 to January to 1890, in Montevidu and the done shelter after that to the Brazilians, in Buenos Aires, was festive. But, rank that although this document, this question still was not decided, to the few, the public opinion and the press of Brazil had started to examine the made conditions and concessions, criticizing the treated one and complaining the survey.

Of this Form, the Brazilian government, started to inform that it would appeal to the survey, case the Brazilian congress did not approve cited the treat one to 1890. It was, by the way, what it happened, the 10 of August, for 142 votes against 5, in this year, had an important episode for the guiding aiming at to the solution of the dispute Argentine-bradileira, related to the Missions, this episode, had been the conversations that had culminated in the signature of one treated to limits that it intended to be definitive. Treated this, signed in December of 1857. With regard to this fact, OAK, 1998, p.190, observe that it fit to the Imperial Government to take the initiative, in 1857, when the city of Paran, in the Province of Between Rivers, was the provisory capital of the Argentina Confederation,> end of being negotiated one treated definitive one to limits between the two countries, in the locality of the Missions.