Argentina Is In Free Fall Without Parachute

Brechner JOSE Shortly before the international economic crisis, the Argentine government announced that, along with Brazil opted to use only their own currencies as a tool for international transaction between two nations. The dollar Cristina, Lula would cease to exist. With the Real and the Peso devalue, that plan probably happened to the project file idiots, populists but you never know. Hugo Chavez continues to insist on a single currency for Latin America, as if they were to sign an agreement. An experiment to eliminate the dollar was performed in Bolivia in 1982 during the leftist government of Hernan Siles, who decided to “dollarization” the economy to become “independent of the empire.” The hyperinflation reached 26,000 percent. Inflation was the third largest in the history and the only one not due to an international war. In 1984, the highest currency denomination was $ 1,000 pesos bolivianos.

For 1985, the highest ticket was $ 10 million pesos bolivianos. In the same year a $ 1 million Bolivian pesos was equivalent to 55 cents. In Argentina inflation was constant from 1975 to 1991. In 1975, the highest denomination was $ 1.000 pesos. For 1976 was $ 5,000 pesos. In late 1976, the highest bill was $ 10,000 pesos.

By early 1979, was $ 100,000 pesos. In late 1981, the highest denomination was $ 1,000,000 pesos. In 1985 reformed the currency, and $ 1 Southern was equivalent to $ 1,000 pesos. In 1992 there was a new reform and $ 1 New Peso was equal to $ 10,000 Australes.