Armenian High School

Introducing the bloodthirsty medieval mores and psychology victorious warrior, I admit that at first the Seljuks, conquered Constantinople, held in the church of horses. Exactly the same logic to me it seems natural to his time, that during the campaign 914 Slavic warriors plundered and pillaged villages in Azerbaijan's Caspian Sea shore. This was, according to Russian criticism, said in Azerbaijani history textbooks. Eventually, military expeditions were carried out for the sake of plunder another good and enrich the winners, and surprising, that modern Russian historians, reading the textbook in Azerbaijan of robberies perpetrated by Slavic warriors, accusing Azerbaijani colleagues in the fraud. I would not at all surprised if it had not turned out that, according to the authors of that report, the only one who writes the history books tell the truth – it's the Russians, Belarusians and Armenians. Let me disagree. Let's not get hung up on awarded a high evaluation of the Moscow Belarusians who are doomed to repeat postulates Batko Lukashenko, who has not given the go-ahead to its more to pounce on Russian history.

Immediately move to the neighboring Armenians, who, as Russian critics claim other people's books, create amazing true stories for the benefit of the Armenian High School. I have not read these books, but my life for it, that the Armenian students will not find in it information about ruler of Karabakh khanate Panah Ali Khan dynasty of Javanshir, who in the early 1750s. Panahabad built a fortress. Later the fort was called Shusha by the name of a nearby village Shushikend, and became capital of the khanate.