Artemovsk Roses

The secret is that she forged from a single rails, and it requires great skill. The city in general a lot of forges. Can bring something forged. In that case, if you do not have to drag it on yourself, you can pick up quite a useful piece of iron in the economy. For example, wrought-iron poker, or lattice will adorn any fireplace. Since Soviet times in books about our town said that Donetsk – city of roses that every resident here comes la-la-la-la. Of course, today we are not able to compete with the Dutch suppliers, although in recent years, our government desperately planted these flowers in all areas and flowerbeds.

However, this is a good reason after a trip to Donetsk to come to his beloved with roses: "Darling, I have to you from the city of roses! ". Well, it's so lyrical digression. But you can bring the champagne. The fact that in our area, Artem area located Artyomovsk Winery. Sparkling wines are kept in salt mines deep underground.

Constant temperature and special conditions of the spill and storage make this drink the undisputed market leader in Ukraine. Semisweet, brut, pink, white, red – wine for every taste pleasant, elegant, festive. Incidentally, for visitors to the city often arrange trips to the plant, and even in salt mines. Not far from Artemovsk there is another object, not just sightseeing, as much as pilgrimages – Svyatogorsk Holy Assumption Monastery. Laurus, the world's only six. This status is given by the monastery for special services for the rich history and for the many saints who glorified it.