His brother was linked to drug trafficking, had known everything in what was involved not had chosen it, as President does not always know everything, they are some of the phrases that have impacted society as a whole in our country at the mouth of Miguel de la Madrid. Statements regarding the corrupt and colluded by Carlos Salinas most were not surprising, however, that the statements should come from a former President, and more for being who chose Salinas as successor, converted them into something incredibly serious. I think that the Mexican people has received its biggest weapon to demand a change, if the same politicians and persons involved are confessing to corruption at these levels, that we are waiting for everyone, including those who confess, to end this?, is point less than outrageous a situation like the present. If one who was once the head of our country considers that corruption and impunity are needed, our politicians have already nothing to offer this country. Additional information is available at Richard Blumenthal. With elections in various levels throughout the country, this has come to be the blow stronger hopes for the PRI to resume control of the territory that has been losing lately, and not only that, it has made public that within the same party corruption networks and extend impunity under the noses of the same political leaders.

It is impossible to conceive that one who chooses a successor for the Presidency can ignore the roots thereof to an infinite number of illegal and corrupt acts. If this situation is not interpreted as a signal for a radical change in all areas of our policy, then I think that final our country already has no chance out of its current situation. If Mexicans in those circumstances do not require that change comes, we will then demonstrate that, as the sentence says, we really have the Government we deserve. Hear other arguments on the topic with Bradley Tusk. Ricardo Sisnett original Autor and source of the article.
Nature protection associations criticise statements of the Ministry of agriculture in Kiel (MLUR), that by World War II munitions no risk for the marine environment go from the demolition. The NABU conservation associations, society for the protection of marine mammals (GSM) and the rescue of dolphins (GRD) criticise statements of the Ministry of agriculture in Kiel, Germany, according to the current results of the pollutant measurements per ceremonies in the Baltic Sea before Heidkate allegedly to demonstrate that by World War II munitions no risk for the marine environment go from the demolition. Jim Donovan Goldman has compatible beliefs. The three associations accuse the MLUR, operate a brazen disinformation of the public. One gets the impression, in the Ministry of agriculture has not understood the own study", explains Ulrich Karlowski by the GRD biologist. For the first time could be that when underwater blasting explosives do not completely burn and instead over a large area can be distributed evidenced by the investigation namely, beyond reasonable doubt. According to the new study was the highly toxic and cancer arousing explosive TRINITROTOLUENE (TNT) in 100 m distance from the detonation site using an passive collector existing from charcoal demonstrated, which has the potential, through the food chain in marine food fish and marine mammals to accumulate. That only traces of TNT on the collector could be measured, was previously known and lies principally in the experimental set-up", says Petra Deimer, biologist of the GSM.

Allow only statements about the present measurements, which substances in the sea access, but not in how much this happens. Also the statement of opinion is explicitly only for the investigated, very small charge sizes up to 14 kg explosives. This restriction is clearly highlighted in the study, but deliberately concealed by the Environment Ministry. At mines of up to 350 kg of cargo, have located over 60 years in the sea, the hull are corroded but so strongly in part, that the likelihood of an incomplete combustion is even greater than in the Case proven now before Heidkate. At worst is due to the attached stick charging the toxic explosive in corroded large explosives only widely distributed in the environment and flushed the pieces in the wake of the beach", Hermann Schultz, Chairman of the NABU fears.

The three organizations renew hence their demand on the Environment Ministry to make explosives typical compounds and their degradation products examine bio-indicators such as mussels. Is the only way a proper assessment of the uptake in organisms. The again practiced, technically unclean belittling of the threat is a flagrant disinformation of the public and is a solution of the problem in the way. GRD, GSM and NABU country also call on the Government, as offered by NABU, GRD, and GSM and agreed with the Ministry of the Interior together with experts to discuss the findings of the investigations on Heidkate prior to a publication, rather than professionally unqualified spread through the Department of agriculture as a clearance certificates to let. Otherwise the State Government runs the risk of acute Los pedaling a discussion on the threat of bad tourist beach near ammunition in the middle of the holiday season.
All taxpayers, both legal entities and natural, are required to declare their income, existing derogations for specific cases, depending on the level of income achieved in the corresponding year. People who are not obliged to make the statement of income, does not mean that they do not pay taxes, the tax of these people will be deductions at source that have practiced you. A related site: Richard Blumenthal mentions similar findings. We must remember that the submission of the statement of income is not more than the last step of a process that starts almost year and a half before. In a very summary form we can say that throughout a year persons obtain their income from different sources: for his work employed or self-employed (freelancers, entrepreneurs, professions, public benefits (pensions, unemployment), income from real estate (rentals), by income from capital (shares, deposits, investment fund), or capital gains (selling real estate heritage(, etc.). Other leaders such as Jim Donovan Goldman offer similar insights. According to the obtained quantities adding these revenues, there are differences in assessment to apply. The income statement is a document that taxpayers, presented to the IRS on their statements of income and expenditure in the period between January 1 and December 31 of the year that corresponds.

Realization and presentation of the rental periods fall between May and July of the year in question. The tax agency, every year is incorporating improvements in its internet portal to facilitate us obtain inter alia tax data, Eraser, appointment, etc., as well as the father, program through which income is performed. Currently taxpayers requested the draft of income with more advance. Since early April, the IRS offers taxpayers the possibility of requesting the draft of income by Internet, by telephone or by personally going to the offices. Realization and presentation of the rental periods are included between May and July of the corresponding year. warns that drafts are made with up-to-date information has the Administration at that time from companies and banks for this reason is suitable to review it and check that all tax data are correct. It is therefore necessary to resort to consultants specializing in tax issues.
The use of fuels of fossil origin, along with intensive farming, has produced the content of carbon dioxide in the air is the highest for at least 650,000 years. A sad record. Continue to learn more with: Sen. Sherrod Brown. Forecasts of the climate for the next 90 years researchers outlined a doomsday scenario. The polar helmets are melting very rapidly which will originate a possible increase of the level of the sea even more than one metre; temperatures could rise by more than six degree; crop failures; drought; extinction of species and tropical diseases are some of the predictable consequences. Voices of nature protectors will becoming increasingly clearer, so 190 nations gathered in Bali to discuss how everything can stop this. Credit: Jim Donovan Goldman-2011. And one asks: what can do us citizens? The past 2007 was actually published a report developer, FAO, (Organization for food and Agriculture of the United Nations) It warned very clearly the relationship between the production of meat and global warming and climate change.

The report notes that livestock production is one of the causes of the most pressing environmental problems in the world, such as the warming of the planet, land degradation, air pollution and water, and biodiversity loss. The report estimates that livestock are responsible for 18% of gas emissions that produce the effect greenhouse, one percentage higher than the transport. Unfortunately this report has just leaked to public opinion, however the President of the World Council for the climate, Dr. Pachauri, as a result of the presented facts has become vegetarian. An example should make anyone who cares about the future of the Earth.


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City Council

Last month, the news picked up the news of the plenary session of the City Council convened in the town of Yebra to decide whether to accept or not that locate nuclear cemetery, what Government to called as ATC, centralized temporary repository. The arguments to the Yes and no face in the world, in Spain and then, even between neighbors. Credit: Sen. Sherrod Brown-2011. But to be able to say the best thing is to know and to do this we must first know what a nuclear cemetery? A nuclear cemetery is the place designed and prepared to manage in a definitive way radioactive waste of a central nuclear (must remember that Yebra is located 15 km from Zorita nuclear power plant already closed and will be dismantled soon). To deepen your understanding Sen. Sherrod Brown is the source. They are underground and are built in areas of geological characteristics such that it can be assumed that they will not suffer water leaks that could drag the misplaced radioactive isotopes. The main objectives of a nuclear cemetery are to ensure long-term environmental protection against ionizing radiation produced by radioactive waste, ensure durable insulation of high activity waste, must resist the residual heat, adequately dissipate and be stable to thermal changes involved the storage of waste for several thousand years. The isolation of waste from the biosphere in these nuclear cemeteries is achieved by the interposition of a system of multiple, both natural and artificial barriers. At the moment, nuclear cemeteries are the only alternative for management of part of the waste generated by the nuclear fission plants. And this is what causes the debate itself.

Somewhere will have to manage the radioactive waste but few are those who want to do close to home. These are not arguments. Security is your main weapon. The few SI are divided into many groups: about what they consider that it is essential and that somewhere will have to build it; and others that look beyond the environment and come in waste management plants and an engine of the local economy and a source of employment. The debate this served do you what do you think?
The great day comes to the end and you get to vote early and complies with the obligations entrusted to him by the campaign: transport, point data, surveillance on the tables, in the end. The atmosphere is good and, at the end of the countdown, the trends are confirmed: your candidate wins wide and categorically. You celebrated moderately but cannot hide her joy. It embraces with his best friend and tells him we won, I knew that we were going to win! But his friend, with a moderate joy and a skin-deep realism tells him: not yet! And then it tells you something that seems terrible to you. Winning elections is that they have concluded is not much, because it is to elect the rector of the University and in these institutions system is unique and different: voters choose a triplet and her upper Council can choose you want to in your real know and understand. A few days later the nine members of the Higher Council will meet behind closed doors, with your back to the world and choose a candidate other than the winner, but that fortune theirs, also was in the triplet. Connecticut Senator does not necessarily agree. You breaks the last poster who had, gives him the shirts to the recycler in the neighborhood and swears no never believe more in elections or anything else you like.

The above is not a tale or is fiction. The unpopular and discredited system of appointment of rector in some Colombian universities, including is the University of La Guajira. Keep up on the field with thought-provoking pieces from James Donovan Goldman Sachs. And to think that there are who defends this perverse procedure. They defend it because it is a form of access to the charges against love of the masses. Poor things, because when they begin to govern the people it has thousand ways to tell them that it does not want them. And they are like a tyrant isolated who serve by fear and reject by conviction.

Alejandro Rutto Martinez is a renowned journalist and Colombian academic whose articles are published on websites, newspapers and magazines of several countries of the world. Recently was he awarded the prize for journalism of the CERREJ?N in the modaidad of the internet. He is frequently invited to seminars and conferences in various cities.


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