Atletico Madrid

With good taste for football, with the pass and the ball by flag, Atletico relamio up to the point that he played with his rival, Osasuna. But without ideas in the conclusive meters, perhaps achicharrado by the heat wave in the morning, the penalty was final and the tie to zero, that not to anything because missed you just the timely auction, was the result of a lack of a negligence that is expected at the Calderon broken Falcao when the transfer. But something has changed: the doorman takes in short; the ball from line to line, in no hurry to reach the opposite area; and weave the plays of laborious way, only frayed at the end. A delicious proposal without Prize, a few ways that were not seen in years. Tables, however, who left faltering spirits, which celebrated those of Osasuna, branch in the game, but so sheltered behind as accurate at closing. Source of the news:: to Atletico Madrid goal only lacks