Basque Interior Ministry

It would be easy enough where would be made to speculate whether the Ertzaintza ETA had entered the war on terror since 1982. It is very likely that today we were talking about the terrorist as a reality of the past, but it is not. In the comments in the text that links the first I’ve found everything, but say that what is evident is the general distaste for the covenant PSE-EE – PP. Some people still saying it was not necessary, that the logical thing would have been a pact PSE-EE – PNV. I will not deny that one of the people who dislike the current pact is me, is not wrong if I say I think the vast majority of Basque voters, both the PSE-EE and the PP, dislike .. . but with a tagline, it was necessary, and those same statements ertzainas shown.

And from here I invite Patxi Lopez, who does not know that a mere question of political ethics, to expose what were the conversations between the PNV, Urkullu he led, and the PSE-EE for the formation of government in Euskadi – because if any, the there. It would be revealing to know that the PNV had positioned itself as an indispensable condition not lehendakaritza, but the Basque Interior Ministry, the Finance Basque and Basque Parliament’s presidency, and at the end, even giving the Treasury Basque, with qualification, and the chair of Basque Parliament, in return for lehendakaritza, Urkullu broke off talks – yes, yes, Urkullu, not the PSE-EE, Urkullu, “because it wanted to drop in any of the ways, the Basque Interior Ministry. Why? Well, I think that I have to answer it. It would be advisable, when writing incomprehensible and meaningless things, such as linking the beginning of this article, stop and think what is really the vaunted Basque conflict, who is believed to exist and, of course, who feeds the belief that it existence and for what. PS My deepest condolences to the families and friends of Eduardo Puelles Garcia, Brigade Inspector of the Police Information in Bilbao, who has died to defend Democracy for those who want to impose by the bomb, murder, kidnapping and extortion what they want the least to most, who are the majority.