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Those who started some radical change of topic at the blogger, at least realize that usually a noticeable part of the gadget can be lost. I want to tell a tested method that avoids problems. I do not know who this up, but the method is reliable. Although it does a little tense, but it will pay off. The principle is as follows: 1) Create a test blog on blogger (blogspot); 2) it is placed on the template that will be used for the main blog, and 3) From the main blog copied code gadget and installed in your test blog, and 4) The code of the test blog and copy them to replace the code with the main blog. That way is the idea, consider each step separately: 1) make one more blog. Surely, you remember better than me how to register a blog at blogger. Is that a good idea to close from indexing by search engines, it can be done in the settings in the 'basics'.

2) Put the template on a test blog. Next we Affairs, is put on trial a future blog topic. How to do it, too, do not need to explain (Layout / Edit html / select the file / download). If at this stage there are problems with the installation, try to find the cause and solve problems. 3) transport of widgets from the main blog in the trial. At this stage it is necessary to carry out some preliminary work. Gadgets can be in different places in your template. Convenient to first collect them in one place. For this should drag gadgets from all the speakers in one, so you could easily select the code, nothing to lose. Because we go to Layout / Edit html, look for