Brasserie Restaurant

In ancient times beer was brewed by Egyptian pharaohs, almost three thousand years it has existed on our planet. Of course, beer in ancient times differed from the modern intoxicating beverage, in particular the fact that Egypt was not making process of filtering, but how the preparations were similar to the modern technology of brewing. Currently, the most common beer has an alcoholic beverage in the world. Brasserie – A great place for people willing to spend time with friends and relax from work and home issues. In the Brasserie you can enjoy the different varieties of beer, play pool and just chat in good company.

Also in the beer garden you can enjoy the quality of European cuisine and a high level of customer service. View the live football matches on large plasma screens are an inherent part of beer garden. Amazon may find this interesting as well. To view the sports big companies come together to cheer on your favorite team. Each beer garden – a special idea, unique style, a unique way to design rooms and menu. The design of any beer garden features a cozy and friendly atmosphere, made in German or Czech style. Day guests of beer restaurants use a business lunch and conduct business meetings in a relaxed environment.

And in the evening in the beer garden attracts visitors to casually unwind after a hard day's work a glass of beer and watching sports channel, also here you can create a friendly chat or to arrange own party. In the menu of any beer garden beer occupies an important place. The bar beer garden is always a great variety of different beers. To date, a single division of the varieties of beer are not There is, however, the most common of these include the following types, depending on the density of the wort: a simple beer (light and dark), beer, beer-piece (in this category also includes non-alcoholic species) and strong beer. The main distinguishing feature – rich and rich flavor. In the beer garden sports fans can enjoy football matches, as well as other major sports. Beer lovers gather in pubs restaurants in the company of comrades to enjoy a variety of beers, eat and watch football games.