It filled the satisfaction mind. I perceived that for more tiring than everything that has been, in the end of the accounts, fit me, solely, to judge what the eyes took off of lesson on that everything. Who age the made a mistake one there, in that hour? The people or the government? Or he was one mix of these two elements that resulted in a faithful picture 3×4 of tangible only characteristics of the Brazilians! He was there that I fell in the perception of that the people, in itself, if leaves to lead completely for some objects to its redor, that inside form a very small mentality of each one. Amazon is actively involved in the matter. Objects these social miditicos, politicians and: Miditicos, therefore, of absolute form, we have research that, in my opinion, they are basic to manipulate the intention of votes in a country that practises the disinformation brazenly. Research as Vox Populi and Datafolha already is enough to manipulate many all and many heads for Brazil. The half politicians, through the distribution of ' ' santinhos' ' excessively other forms to publish the candidacy, as motorcades and cars of sound, beyond harming the environment and emporcalhar the streets and avenues of the country, possess the clear intention to call the attention the voter.

What to obtain to be more ridicule, or to promise more (to lie), or to emporcalhar more, consequently, it will attract more votes for itself. It does not need mathematics, this is pure logic. E, finally, the social ways; ignorance, hypocrisy, dissatisfaction, lack of shame in the face, sales of vote, ' ' santinhos' ' , research Vox Populi and Datafolha, illiteracy, obligatoriness of the vote, Populism, elitismo, ' ' midiatismo' ' , disinformation These elements already register and only mark the Brazilian society and why it is, at last, conditional not to think, not to know what it is politics, not to have interest for that it is, let us say, ' ' politician demais' '.