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Only when the outdoor temperature drops to 30 degrees, peacocks come bask in the indoor premises. Guinea fowl and pheasants still hardier. They transcend sorokagradusnye frosts. True, and they nest, as well as their cousins in the wild, only from spring to summer. In six months, these birds grow up conditioned sizes: Pheasants are gaining weight from 600-800 grams, guinea fowl – from 1200.

Implement them alive, or as a refrigerated carcasses from 215 rubles – guinea fowls and 23 at. e. apiece (with trades) – pheasants. But peacocks grow long. Only in the third year they have finally appears adequate quantities famous tail, and females begin to lay eggs. Prices for peacocks to still unsettled. They range around $ 800 per family. Indeed, the golden eggs of poultry fed with unconventional today, not only consumers but also farmers.

And although at the state level this kind of activity has not given the status of agricultural production, their economy is already an excellent job with the main function: the completion of the food market. Business for small: see in new business perspective and do not miss the bird of luck. Today, the domestic poultry industry is experiencing is not the best of times. Since mid-September lifted short-term ban on imports of U.S. poultry. Many poultry farms or eventually went bankrupt, or were forced to completely get re: meat production is replaced by the production of eggs. At the same time, the bill proposed the Russian government to raise import duties on poultry, is still going to be considered in the Duma. With such a disappointing state of affairs in the traditional poultry perepelovody can rejoice in the almost total lack of competition. And when you consider that a good idea results in this business are making a small area, with modest production volumes, the quail eggs on the farm quite deserve the name of gold. It is appropriate to mention the benefits of products quail farms. According to the Institute of Biochemistry, Academy of Sciences, in one gram of colorful eggs contain five times more vitamin A and B than in the same number of whites. Meat and eggs are small representatives of the poultry unit is much richer in calcium, potassium, copper, iron, phosphorus, and many essential amino acids and minerals. Research scientists have shown that these products prevent the development of cardiovascular diseases, pathological lesions of the liver and kidney damage, adverse effects of stress and overwork, normalize vision, growth, sexual function, contribute to blood formation, and full recovery of the skin of the body. They rich in unsaturated fatty acids that inhibit the development of atherosclerosis and obesity, even against the background dietary intake of significant amounts of cholesterol. 'Business Journal' 20 December 2002.