Capital Society

Established the rule that in case of unlawful evasion of one participant from the notarization of the transaction assignment of shares, the other party to the transaction may require a court order transferring him to share or part of stake in society. In this case, the decision of the arbitral tribunal to transfer the share or part of the share capital society is the basis for state registration of changes made to the Incorporation. The procedure for transfer of notaries public statements to the registering body about a transaction on assignment share

The formulation cases where the company may not pay the participant has withdrawn the actual value of its shares. Refined by the exclusive competence of general meeting of the company and established the rule that issues: change the company’s charter, including changes in the amount of authorized capital; election and early termination of the audit commission (auditor), the definition of the order of its activities; statement annual reports and annual balance sheets, making a decision about the distribution of net profit between members of society, the decision on reorganization or liquidation of the company, the appointment of the liquidation committee and approval of the transfer certificate, separation and liquidation balance sheets as well as other law referred to the exclusive competence of the general meeting of the Society issues can not be attributed Articles of Association to the competence of other bodies of governance. The procedure for appealing decisions of participating governments LLC Statement on recognition of the participant of the general meeting of the company and (or) other government public void may be filed in court within two months from the date when the participant company knew or should have known about the decision and the circumstances are grounds for annulment. Recognition of the decisions of the board of directors (supervisory board) to convene a general meeting of the Society shall not result in the nullity the general meeting of the company, held on the basis of the decision to convene it invalid..