Caucasus Village

But also of the beslantsev I’d like to see completely different people. They must be distinguished from other external and internal – clothing, behavior, lifestyle, finally, the attitude to life. When residents of Beslan arrives in Europe or any Russian city, and look at him there in a special way. Beslan should be a city of peacekeepers. And here again we can get help from old Caucasian tradition. My grandmother told me about a long-standing armed incident in the Ossetian village Zamankul. It happened early last century and had, as they say, transnational in nature. At Zamankul attacked an armed group from the Ingush village. In the skirmish, they were all killed. After a while the old men of of the Ingush village came to Zamankul on my knees! In the village they were on their knees daily. Only if they were approached by South Ossetian old, put his hands on your head and just. Corpses were given, and helped to reach their population. In the Caucasus, a long tradition of peacemaking! So let the authoritative beslantsy travel to hot spots with peacekeeping purposes miryat people lead the conversation with them. Mother who lost children in the worst terrorist attack, all required listen! –

Oleg Yershov, as far as I know, and your relative was being held hostage in the first Beslan school. – My niece works as a cook at the school. At the ill-fated morning, she cooked dinner for the students and even knew that the school seized by terrorists. This is a story about how tragic and comic go next. She learned about the seizure, when the terrorists entered the kitchen. They are at gunpoint forced her to continue to cook. Using this, she was in the kitchen to steal water and food for the kids who were in the gym. At noon, third day of September found the terrorists in cold storage stocks of chicken and forced her to cook, putting into the hands of 15 chickens. Chicken they ordered to fry in vegetable oil. Behind him stood a submachine cook, we closely monitor its activities. And then he disappeared. She could hardly cope with the workload – 15 chicken fry! In the kitchen, got up children. She did not noticed that the assault began. Explosions and gunshots are not heard, because she did not quiet rattle pots and pans. And only when the special forces stormed into the kitchen, she realized what was happening, but not moved away from the stove. He grabbed her and dragged her into cover: “Shoot, hide!” And she answered him: “You can not, say, throwing food on the fire – the chickens will burn!” But he, fortunately, it did not even have heard and forced to take refuge in a safe place. In short, she was saved! But the chickens – is unlikely. Apparently, all burned. – Is not it time for writers, filmmakers, theater directors to undertake the interpretation of the Beslan tragedy? – Of course, it’s time. The same tragedy, the scale is not inferior to antiquity. This is an example of the inhuman suffering of children, women, the elderly. Does not even understand why the world cinema has still not addressed this topic? The performance put on this topic difficult. And writers should understand the Beslan tragedy. Artists must do everything to more like this never happens again.