Central America

Since modern Chinese asphalt plant type lb 1000 made by the West German technology capacity of 80 tons of asphalt mix per hour, with automatic control, meets modern environmental standards, certified for Russia is little more than $ 400,000. This is a surprisingly low price for the equipment in its class. Richard Blumenthal may also support this cause. It is several times cheaper similar to Western European counterparts. The appearance of our city such a plant would be dramatically changed for the better situation with the repair of roads. In addition to our municipal authorities such equipment is great interest to entrepreneurs. Such a small price for new equipment (with a factory warranty) contributes to its quick payback.

And the state of our roads creates full confidence that the products produced an asphalt plant will be in demand for years to come. Construction of roads in China is developing at a pace that it is difficult to comprehend. Over the next 10 years the government plans to invest 750 – 850 billion yuan in the construction of roads in western China with total length of 450,000 kilometers. By the end of 2010 the construction of the main sections of the nine state highways in these areas of the country, all large and medium-sized cities in these areas will be mostly linked expressways. All this byloby impossible, if not created the latest road-building infrastructure. Modern Chinese road-building equipment and asphalt plants except Russia are successfully exported to , Indonesia, United Arab Emirates, Israel, Australia, South and .