Chadwick Myers

The recession in the USA has already begun. The unemployment rate in May had its biggest monthly increase in 22 years, which has moved the market strongly. If you have this we add the fact that petroleum are shooting with historical prices are talking about inflation. This restless investors, who by his side seek redemption in their investments, so that it is not easy to think that it is better at the moment, what if it is a fact is that gold is the refuge for seasons of inflation, and little by little the dollar along with petroleum drive gold to a bullish rally. The important thing to take into account is that central banks, such as the ETFs (Exchange Trading Funds) have increased their reserves, however the production of this precious metal is slow and is not enough to demand that is handled, both the industrial market as the financial have created a tremendous demand on gold; What gives an upward trend with strong base. What caught my attention is that apezar of all this gold has not yet fixed its value adjusted for inflation, this is an tremendous re-queue of market, and is when the trend of this product becomes extremely high.

Golden metal is proving to be an alternative safe diversification. The rise in the price of gold on Wednesday was developed in parallel with the petroleum, that half an hour before the close of the Nymex in New York, are shooting more than five dollars the barrel, to be above the $135. The credit crunch and the weakness of the dollar may continue to gold that could reach a new record in the near future. I have been in discussions with several entities that take advantage of the market situation, and in the meantime the crisis is not overcome enter into debate what is the best market to invest my cents? to answer this question first we will have to answer what kind of investor are you? If it is conservative bag not going to draw attention even if the profit margin is large. But if you like the risk and you can take control of its liquidity, could still have hope to make it work on a one to one economy. I am one of those who firmly believes that that nothing ventured nothing gained. Bag markets does not give a warranty, but know position and take advantage of the circumstances of the market that is rewarding. Regarding high-risk investments, talk to them in a previous article of Chadwick Myers that operates in the commodities market, speaking with my broker, agreed on certain strategies to diversify my portfolio, and put to works other so many positions in the short term in grains such as soy, which I sold today with 50% profit in 22 daysI am pleased hard work taking advantage of the market, although in the beginning I had missed everything was recovered and I keep seeing gains. Honestly, not much interested in where East my money working within these investments, provided they take advantage and reflect a good profit margin, this is what every investor seeks passive but aggressive way as soon as work is about.