Civil Action

The arrest is not the gratings, and the freedom is not the street. Imprisoned men in the street and free in the arrest exist. It is a conscience question. Mahatma Gandhi. The present project has the primordial purpose to show the prisional reality in our country, however, to evidence the responsibility that we have ahead of this process because we are part of a society, we cannot silencing in them, simply because he is more cmodo to leave the prisoner played in the penitentiaries, without providing its reinsero in the society.

It is possible to change this estarrecedor picture that devastates the life in the penitentiaries with proposals exit of the papers and the drawers, these must appear of all the segments of the society, are in the pastorais prisons, companies, schools, facultieses, (mainly of Legal sciences), industries, at last of all involved ones with the firm intention to play its role as to be social. It is in this proposal, defended for APAC (ASSOCIATION OF PROTECTION AND ASSISTANCE TO the CONVICT), Itana-MG that we find base, the bedding and the foundation to continue our day with the firm intention of for in practical the purpose of APAC that nails the proposal acirradamente (apaqueana): SOCORRER THE VICTIM; PROTEGER THE SOCIETY; PROMOVER JUSTICE; RECUPERAR THE PRISONER. Let us not forget in them, however, that Our Great Letter preceitua in verbis in its article 5, XLIX: XLIX – the respect to the physical and moral integrity is assured to the prisoners; With this brief introduction of our proposal, we intend to present a good work, with the presence of the Illustrious Msc. Fernando Leather strap. Lecture in Victory of Anto Saint in the FACOL- COLLEGE WRITER OSMAN OF COAST LINS. (16 of novembro/2010). PARTICIPANTS: Msc. Fernando Defending Leather strap of the Method: Maria of the Carmo (Carminha) (Text of Maria of the Carmo).