Civil Development

Some understand this as a turn out of negotiation gain-to gain, that is to say nobody leaves harmed. The objective would be that the three aspects or called pillars of the viable development (economic, social and environmental) stay interconnected and interrelated, forming what some authors have denominated the virtuous circle of the viable development, in our case we will change this denomination by virtuous spiral of the viable development, since in case of being obtained, its dynamics to us will maintain improving continuously, reason why a spiral marks better this situation on a map than a circle. Now the following questions, if the man already identified, at least in concept arise to us, a light that can give raised answer the problematic one, it is applying efficiently these concepts? Unfortunately, the observable evidences to all the inhabitants of the east point us to planet at a negative answer, but to what it must? Which have been the omissions committed by the civilization for the nonoperation of these concepts? Perhaps an accurate answer completely to these questions, more does not exist probable, it is that it must to a set of causes that, more than to a single. We could enumerate some possibilities, the nonparticipation and apathy of the civil society, the disinterestedness and negligence of authority and control systems, the little responsibility of the economic organizations, etc. In the inertia and the dynamics of the development of the civilization few are what they have paused to reflect on the way in which can be maintained in harmony the virtuous spiral of the viable development (economic, social and environmental aspects). Is recognized importance of sciences in this task, specifically of sciences physical, natural and of his disciplines applied, since through new discoveries and investigations in them advances have been managed that allow to improve some conditions of life of the society, to diminish contamination indices, among others.