Collusion with the CIA

The various avenues of research a) The right-wing movements in collusion with the CIA The Swedish right wing, part of the European Party workers came from long ago Palme accusing of being a Soviet KGB agent in charge of introducing communism in Sweden . Also, key members of the Swedish Navy Palme accused of wanting to weaken the bloc policy wishing to establish relations with communism Soviet. At the same time, British and American sectors also came to be the subject of criticism from Palme to the liberal economic and labor policies. The first suspect would be Victor Gunnarson and that at the time the crime was near the place and also was known for his ties to the far right and his repeated attacks on Palme for his socialist politics and active strain between the blocks. Public opinion and political pressure demanded the prompt arrest of the culprit. Therefore, the Swedish police tried to force witnesses and false evidence to fix blame to Gunnarson and give the public what it demanded.

On March 12, 1986 would be arrested as a suspect on charges of being the alleged perpetrator of the shooting by an impulsive action under the influence of a temporary mental disorder, although oriented Palme for their political beliefs. Proved his innocence, Gunnarson be installed in the U.S. where he would find death Salisbury (North Carolina) eight years later (on January 7, 1994) with two bullets in the head by the attacks of jealous of his girlfriend’s former lover.