Colombians Companies

What are human beings with the same capabilities and requirements as all other Colombians. Article 23 Force: we demand that our nation as Colombians and children of the same country and owners of the constitution that magnifies it. That Article 7 is not a mockery of the companies that have taken the place of the sovereign to decide who earn their living and those who are starving. Since there is nothing so heinous as to deny young people the skills development and social work. ARTICLE 4.

The Constitution is the standard of rules. In any case of incompatibility between the Constitution and the law or other rule of law, constitutional provisions apply. Reflection for the government: if the Constitution is the standard of rules. Why is there a higher standard to it? a In this case the internal rules of each company. Which discriminate against long-haired youth. And then he says: In any case of incompatibility between the Constitution and the law or other rule of law, constitutional provisions apply.

Mr sovereign or state note that the inconsistency is clear, because the constitution says one thing and them another. And the more power you have is that of them we can note that for legal reasons as in the case of companies or businesses across the Colombian territory. Govern life and how to be natural reason is say, the lives of all Colombians. It not be said of you gentlemen rulers, that individual rights in Colombia a few prevailed over the collective rights of an entire society of young people. It not be said that the Colombian justice system never comprehend that true science of legislation aimed at truth and not the lie of the imaginary companies working in our territory. Because if you work in our territory must abide by our constitution and if not to pay millions in penalties for this kind of attacks against our citizens. Also, when long-haired young people are received in any company must properly wear formal attire and dress decently. Not to mention that long hair must be gathered. Once outside the companies are free to be what they want. His work does not have to be to see his personal being. Letter to Young People with long hair and the rulers of Colombia. Att: Jose Orlando Melo Naranjo social thinker a Dr. Jose Orlando Magno is one of the youngest scientific philosophers who owns the country. has a large number of published works. in his last statement says that the country advances little by little investment in education since the largest investment in Colombia is offering to war, why the brains of Colombia escape, otherwise they would live almost in poverty, as happens with the Colombian teachers. as the state looks at them as tools and a lower number of workers.