Colony Saint Antonio

In Manaus, the occupations had appeared in the end of years 60, of which they had resulted in quarters as Dawn and Redemption (Zone Center-West), New Israel, Mount of the Oliveiras, Colony New Land, Etelvina Saint, Colony Saint Antonio (Zone North), Crowned, Mauazinho, I buzzed of the Palmares (Zone East), Compensates, Village of the Silver, Iris of the Valley, Saint Augustin and part of the Tarum (Zone West). This process if accented in the end of the Nineties, especially in the Zone North, following the road axle of AM-10 and BR-174. In this manner, the urban space of the city of Manaus it was produced in part from occupations. In the period between 2002 and 2004, 54 new occupations had appeared in Manaus and of this total 40 if they had consolidated, changedding itself into quarters with urban infrastructure lack of all order. In result, the number of quarters, recognized or not for the City hall, almost folded from 2002, passing of 60 for 110. Valley to stand out that it exists the following investigation on invasion and occupation: invasion, movements and manifestations promoted for said ' ' without-terra' ' as it affirms the dicionaristas, possesss a direction constructed around some illegality.

Leaving of this analysis (GOHN, 1991, p.77) it detaches that some invaders live of invasion in invasion, which symbolizes something contrary to the judgment of social value, that is, something reprovvel. Occupation, second ' ' Popular notebooks SARES, are an action of right. It is not being stolen and nor invading and yes occupying a land that belongs to the people for the housing right that is one of essential necessities to the dignity human being. (SARES, 2009, p.2) Ahead of the displayed one, occupation suaviliza this illegality puts in them along with a more delicate direction, that is, it is the legalized ownership of that it would mean to have the legal ownership of an abandoned or not yet appropriate thing.