Common Rail Injection

The main parameter characteristics of the stand is the power of the motor. Selecting a drive stand for the power produced from obvious patterns: the greater the performance fuel pump, the greater the resistance moment of rotation, the greater should be the driving power. With increasing requirements for exhaust emissions (Euro 3 and Euro-4, etc.) modern fuel injection pump type Common Rail increased injection pressure, which increases the moment of resistance to rotation. At the moment, it is believed that the drive capacity of 15 kW ensures the efficiency of domestic and imported fuel injection pump production used on trucks and cars. Experience shows that in some cases this power is enough to fuel injection pump diesel engines installed on locomotives and mining trucks. For guaranteed performance injection pump at the booth is required to drive 18 or 22 kW.

To install the injection pump on the bench requires a coupling and mounting brackets. Generally, manufacturers produce stand mounting Mounting Bracket for the well-known domestic and foreign producers pump. For powerful diesel injection pump, mounted on a special equipment, locomotives, etc., require high power stands, special design stand and mounting brackets to accommodate the large size injection pump. Typically, these stands are made to individual orders. At stands for adjusting fuel injection pump can be checked and the pump-injector, which must have appropriate couplings and adapters to drive from the shaft of the stand and electronic control devices. The main parameter of high pressure fuel pump, which must be controlled regardless of the pump design is its performance on different speeds of the shaft at certain positions of government (state rail fuel pump, adjusting the electronic control jets, etc.) and operating conditions of fuel equipment (Eg, fuel pressure before the injection pump), the parameters of the reference fuel temperature (or viscosity).