Confusion in the Marketplace

Rising oil prices have been blamed for everything. Since greed, godless economy, corruption in business and government, the production of biofuels, the free market and deregulation, oil prices and irresponsible lending practices, to name a few. Diagnosing the Root Cause Confusion grows because we are looking for the symptoms rather than causes. If we find the root cause of the collapse of our market, we must examine the evolution of society in general. Throughout history, people have operated as individuals, focusing on the personal welfare and that of people nearby, including the family or tribe. It was acceptable to develop anything in the world if it benefited our family. Over time, the circle of people required to support the expanded individual. For even more details, read what Richard Blumenthal says on the issue. The tribes became villages, which became cities, which became states and possibly countries.

In the world of today, all facets of society are so intertwined that even the broader political and cultural boundaries have become virtually meaningless. We have become a single entity called “humanity,” where each part depends on the health and proper functioning of all other parties. And this is where the root cause of our current crisis becomes apparent. Until Today, companies exploiting worked elsewhere in the system. The wealthy took advantage of the poor, the developed countries used the resources of the underdeveloped world, the weak were a prey to the strong. But now we’ve reached the point where humanity is a single body, who gets to exploit? The events that occur throughout the earth, clearly demonstrate that our traditional patterns of behavior can only result in the annihilation of the body which are a part. After all, exploiting others is equivalent to consume ourselves. Healing the Human Body The solution to this problem is within our reach: we must begin to understand and follow the laws that apply to organizations and systems rather than individuals.

Nature provides us with clear models for the effect, examine whether the human body, ecosystems or galaxies. In a healthy body, each part takes what it needs for subsistence and the rest contributes to the welfare of the whole. Nothing is wasted and no one consumed in excess. Therefore, the whole organism exists in harmony and balance. This is how we should behave in the “realm of human society” because we have become a human organism. Our institutions – including the economy – should be structured on the laws of an organization that shares in return. Today we are at a crossroads and the decisions we make to handle the current financial crisis will determine our future. We return to the past to implement policies of isolation and protectionism, as some nations are already doing. But these, efforts are doomed to failure and only bring more suffering, because it is impossible to reverse our natural evolution towards a non-global. Nature has already imposed the laws of the body and can not be broken without the corresponding result. Our other option is to dedicate ourselves to understand and comply with this set of laws of nature that newly discovered means of globalization, communication, interaction and interdependence. And will create a world of mutual care among us for the sake of everyone’s survival. In this process, we find vast reserves of untapped potential within and around us, thanks to new and healthier connections between us.