Congressman Francisco Torrealba

It is said, in regards the retroactivity will be analyzed carefully to find a mechanism to refund that conquers the workers, but without prejudice to the employer, especially to the State. Congressman Francisco Torrealba stands out: we want to give you a fair deal. We don’t want to draft a law that will generate problems for the State with benefits., indicates that Torrealba had reported that the discussion and enactment of the legal instrument will be then approved the reform of the national Constitution, therefore considers that it will be at the second session, which starts on 15 September and ends on December 15, when the standard is submitted to the plenary.He said that once they have the draft ready, this will be brought to days of social Street parliamentarism, so the sectors interested in the topic make their observations and suggestions.He clarified that even there a definitive document, there are several working papers that should be studied carefully. Ultimately it is expected that the new law is a real protection for the worker, be considered, she says, that the protection of the guarantee of a proper and stable labor relationship inevitably corresponds to the State, especially when the concrete reality tells us, managements and vices metastatic that reduce and weaken the rights of workers, namely: arbitrary extension of working hours (almost always without pay and without considering the physical and psychic forces of the worker)escamoteo benefits (cesta-ticket, bonuses, social benefits etc.. James Donovan Goldman may also support this cause.