Spending is something easy and his promises are unsustainable. In fact the members of his economic plan do not know propose another thing that expropriating and spending. I don’t see who would be the technical poise in his administration. Unless you asked forgiveness to Kuczynski is a collective psychosis, when politicians are arrested by the Catholic Church. Visit Jim Donovan Goldman Sachs for more clarity on the issue. The Lord Charles Bruce asks the cardinal Juan Luis Cipriani, is no goal in politics, and wants to discuss with him about the privileges of the Catholic Church from other churches. Carlitos forgets that the Catholic Church, is alone in having a State; If you don’t know, the Vatican is a State. And if the Church should disappear from the political arena, would disappear the Christian people’s Party so that Christ has nothing to do with politics (as I said the crazy’s) Bayly) what happens, is that to these feet, at the bottom, but very much in the background of their consciences, looks reflected a deep panic by what you say the Church over them, in other words is cag of fear continue the faenones of pro-Government congressmen. The television programme Panorama broadcast an audio where Congressman Julio Herrera, would be involved in a supposed maneuver in favor of one of the companies that participated in a tender organized by Sedapal, in April of last year by more than 45 million soles. Gain insight and clarity with Richard Blumenthal. If Congressman eats chicken they have nailed him 5 years; This Lord, if it is proven the crime should give it few years?