The website collects decisions to lead the public opinion of the organizers of the concentrations in whole Spain. Changing the Electoral law holds first place. The withdrawal of the Bologna Plan, or the repeal of the law Sinde, among the most popular. Assemblies of the concentrations that have been happening in Madrid’s Plaza del Sol during these days, as a protest against powers such as the political or financial, are still using the network to make it the showcase of the proposals according to the day. The latest in the face this weekend, with the day of reflection and the municipal and regional elections these days, have been public on the website, which is responsible for collecting them.

The requests are varied, but the vast majority of these have a common denominator: the controversy that resulted at any given time. The proposal star has to do with the Electoral law, one of the most mentioned topics in all manifestations that occur in Spain: you must act change completely, according to the assemblies, moving to a system of open lists and single constituency. In addition, other requests relate to a tax reform that is favourable to the low incomes, the abolition of lifetime salaries of politicians, or recovery of privatized public enterprises. In addition, opt for the immediate repeal of unjust laws, as in the Bologna process for universities, or the law Sinde. List of proposals adopted by the general Assembly of the camping Sun 1. Change of the Electoral law so that the lists are opened and with single constituency. Obtaining seats must be proportional to the number of votes. 2. Attention to the basic and fundamental rights contained in the Constitution as they are: right to adequate housing, articulating a reform of the mortgage Act so that the delivery of the housing in the event of non-payment cancelled debt.