Copyright Fable

Now you only understand What does a hologram. There, the author of a major star, but a hologram – a copy. She shines now we, as an asterisk in the fog. Alone copies under our brand consistency. We had one star, now become their lot.

Shine they now have, only in stores. And everybody wants money as well as their creators. Lie with an outstretched hand are the shelves at all. And like they say all We do not pass by. We are the stars, you’ll buy us, now we have become a lot.

And we stand, therefore, quite inexpensively. Give us some money We are good copies. And we are happy go put money in a hostel. Now we are all in the law. Us the state protects. And we want to shine, And do not stand on the podium. Moscow, it is Hollywood. It remains only to understand that copyright can not break us.