Create Your Own Blog And Earn

What is a blog and what is it for? People who first hear the word “blog” often ask me – “What’s that?”, “The blog is different from the site, and what it all for?” Well, let’s deal is actually simple. Blog – a kind of site. There are news sites, there are forums that have online stores, and there are blogs. All these types of sites. What stands out from the rest of the blog site and what it usually is put? To answer this question, it is important to say that blogs are divided into 5 types, each of which carries a particular purpose of its creation. Here are 5 types: 1. Personal blog. 2.

Professional blog. 3. Brand Blog. 4. News Blog. 5. Non-traditional blogs. We now consider each type in detail.

Personal blog represents a common web diary. In this blog usually write about personal events. Entries in this diary often have about such title “Yesterday went to the movies, like, “I bought jeans – check it out”, etc. Basically, these diaries are maintained for you and visit them usually only the author himself and a dozen of his friends who engaged in such diaries. If a person publicly and wrote interesting notes, his journal, and attend a lot of other people with whom the author is not personally acquainted.