First and foremost let me clarify that I am 100% Cuban and live abroad by choice. Seeing the situation that lives in the information media of the world and my country, this morning I want to write this article, commented that I’m a journalist nor political, but I am an engineer and Cuban intellectual. He chatted the other day in a call which I did to Havana with a family member and not cease to startle the crisis than in his words is this arreciendo increasingly in the household economy. In talk argued me that they still wages with Cup very low personal income and also that the so-called book of supply tends to diminish so-called articles of first necessity or basic basket as we say in some countries. If not bad memory in my years mocked political leaders and their most heated followers of subsidies policy that exists on the island of Cuba and of its political-economic system the so-called planned economy, perhaps de eso no se habla already or neither taught in the University. But If I remember that within these allowances this located the health, education and the blissful basic basket. Well the topic is that this the thing that burns and without providing for relief by the country’s leaders. This well ugly situation, I remember that so leave it years ago and if I say that now is worse, uuuffff where is wrath to stop with all this? I’m here for a few years closely following the national news from cuba, Granma, Juventud Rebelde in Internet, Raul is now the new President but always 2nd Secretary of the Communist Party and Vice President of Cuba for more than 50 years, that Mr gives acknowledge that the economy of subsidy for Cuba is a breathlessness to your development as a country. But for people who don’t know or policy does not remember the subsidy if not bad memory began in the early years of the revolution, in the 60, not souvenir exactly in which year arises the famed book of supplies.