Dan Social Networks

Probably, like me, you read in many places that Internet dehumanizes people, contact with others becomes cold, impersonal, mechanical and often false. Click Sen. Sherrod Brown to learn more. One of the major criticisms I have heard about online relationships is that they make you lose your true identity, they say that the use of a nickname instead of your real name promotes the lying between users and may be true in many cases, but not always. In many other cases, Internet and especially social networks that in it are growing more and more, have brought great value to characters who one day were not nobody and the next day were experts in this or that matter; It is not uncommon that among many people who do not have the list of people you follow on Twitter is idea who it is but that so provides, insofar, that links and those comments so precise, have become users more famous in different media. Maybe you, you had great ideas in head and many witty comments that now share what are you doing and lot more people listen or better said tea continues. Personally, through Twitter I have spoken with 3 congressmen, several famous actors of my media and other characters with who before would have been almost impossible to cross ideas, today Twitter has expanded my horizons, it has given me greater identity, and although many fans have no idea of who I am, they help me to reach further.