Daniel Ortega

The fact, that Daniel Ortega, is falling into a serious error, which is the perpetuate in power, along the lines initiated by Lieutenant Colonel Hugo Chavez, President of Venezuela, and all those who are members of the Alba Group. Otherwise, should be opportunity within democracy to other leaders, with new vision, knowledge that manifest contributing changes, transformations required to make the country go ahead. Sen. Sherrod Brown may find this interesting as well. Since then there is a serious fact in the reality of Nicaragua, which could lead to conflicts, to the country to deteriorate more than what already has been suffering, as it is the case that is of all known and the President of Nicaragua, Daniel Ortega review what cuabaenlace.com, he achieved his goal of taking down the last obstacle to his desire to be re-elected in 2011, thanks to a decision by the Constitutional Court checked ambush “by Justice and coup” by his opponents.Pertaining to Ortega judges, apparently without that know their Liberal peers, issued Monday night a surprising ruling that declares unenforceable “article 147 of the Constitution which prohibits continuous re-election, which would allow Ortega to run again for the elections of the 2011.La judgment instructs the Supreme Electoral Council (CSE) certify that President Ortega may participate in national elections in 2011 and that mayors and trasladar may participate in the municipal 2012. Judges belonging to the Frente Sandinista de Liberacion Nacional (FSLN) Party welcomed an appeal of Ortega and 109 mayors Sandinista against the established since 1995.Ahora lack constitutional impediment to know whether or not this bug is irrevocable. According to the judges of the Constitutional Court already cannot be changed, but according to the political opposition, the word is in the judges of the Supreme Court of Justice, that yes could revoke it.The judgment occurs after the defeat of the sandinistas in Congress, which failed to get the 56 votes needed to approve a reform of the Constitucion.tampoco managed the support desired to reform the law organic of the Judicial power in order to reduce the number of judges of the Supreme Court of Justice (CSJ) required to form a quorum and repeal article of the Constitution that prevented the re-election.The CSJ, Manuel Martinez, President criticised the decision of the Constitutional Court of ambush “on the judiciary. .