Day Music

For the month of the father, suggest some options to give, one of the most classic gifts and why not let of be novel is an ipod nano, are products with good sound quality, very well constructed between 8 to 16 gb capacity. A GBS for carriage is another good option, you have connectivity Wifi, 3 megapixel camera, with a screen of 3.5 inches, which is tactile, can access the email, upload photos and apart from that has a Mp3 player. Another great gift is a compact camera, one of the most comprehensive models is currently a Panasonic TZ7, recording moving images, high quality audio, three-inch high resolution LCD display, they are more compact and lightweight facilitating its portability and turning them into ideal cameras for travel. THE W508 another fantastic gift ideas are fantastic phones Walkman offers you music and style that adapts to your mood, is ideal for those who like to combine the color of your phone according to the clothing that wears. Account with an internal display 2.2 inches, your player type walkman allows you to change the songs with only move the phone, among other advantages of which you speak and you spanking sailing magazine. A845 Player walman A845 presumes to be the thinnest and the rival of the Ipod Nano.

This single Marvel measured 7.2 millimeters thick and weighs 62 grams, is ultra slim, bright color screen, allows you to listen to music for about 29 hours. Perfect for those who have very long playlist or if they will travel. The A845 is capable of playing different kinds of formats, such as: WMA, WMV, MPW file, as well as enjoy playback on TV video Anyone who is the gift you chose for that day as important as it is the parents, your gift should be given according to your taste and with much love, they recovered.