Determination Of Sex Of A Child Under The Law Of Harmony

International center for planning sex of the child (Moscow) developed a method for determining the days that are favorable for the conception of the best, healthy and capable child to a particular gender-specific pary.Nauchny method of determining the sex of the child based on a mathematical function of the law of Harmony, which allows you to calculate the state of human energy in time. With the exact calculation becomes impossible to determine the days optimal for conception. Individual approach – the main basis of the method. The method proposed in the planning of the birth of children of a particular sex involves the calculation and plotting the energy state in time parents of future cyclical periods: One year, two years ahead or more. To determine the periods most favorable time for conception, the unborn child scheduled sex compared to the amplitude graphic potentials energy future father and mother in the coming periods. If you find a future period of time, calendar with a predominance of the energy of one of the parents of fetal sex was determined that parent and, therefore, have a baby of planned sex. When planning for the future health of a child under the law of Harmony calculated energy potentials of parents for a period of the alleged conception or pre- calculated time of fetal development. If the parents, the mothers of future children, especially, the schedule of the energy potential in pregnancy would be high for a long time, one can argue about birth to a healthy baby.