This style of development adopted for the developed countries, made with what it established a relation of exploration of the man for the man and the nature for the man, that is, in the practical one promoted the bad development, a predatory, laborious and unjust development. This started to be perceived by the occured indesejadas transformations in the nature, as, forests falling of trees, following the erosion and loss of fertility of ground, pollution of air for the industries, thus detaching, the paper of the transforming man, but at the same time predator of the nature. One of the Actions traced for the Rio/92 is Agenda 21, in it foresees a guideline of highly excellent actions to the developed countries, either in the change in the standards of consumption and the process of economic production, or co-making responsible these for the politics and action of control of the ambient crisis. It is coexisted then a scene of economic crisis with low capacity of job generation, and an ambient crisis without prescendentes, that are not known where this, and nor where it goes to arrive, only knows that it is a real question, and that it has congregated people, and organizations of everybody. Parallel to these questions, they also appear the development of the computerization process that has caused innumerable transformations in the way of life of the people in the modern society. This new vision of development intends to conciliate the diverse economic and social spheres together with the processes of ecological support with the objective to conserve and to preserve the natural resources you renewed and the improvement of the quality of life in the world. This process of development pautado for incompatible models of society with biological, social, cultural and economic the sustentabilbidade, unchained, with elapsing of the years the ambient crisis, this crisis, is, in essence, a symptom of a civilizatria crisis.