Differences Between Notebook Netbook Laptop

All we know that it is a computer but, we really do not know the difference between some, for example the computers exist desktop and portable computers but these are also divided in categories like: notebook, netbook and laptop, are certain that often it is possible to be confused since the market offers too much and it is not known in many cases that to choose. We are going to give a brief description of each so that it knows clearly the differences between both and chooses what more one adapts you. Laptop/Notebook: The unique difference between Laptop and Notebook is the size since a Laptop computer has a so large major but it offers similar functions. These offer major performance for video games, programs of design greater space in the keyboard and size of screen. You can take It to any place. a good option for that needs to work in diverse places.

At the moment is lighter and thin. Ofrece functions similar to which can give desktop. Netbook: they are smaller than notebooks traditional, and therefore they have screens of 7 to 10 inches. The keyboards bring smaller and together keys. One netbook is not a complete replacement of a desktop computer, but rather a trip computer. If it is going all it to do is to write, to review his mail, to sail in Internet, to chatear, and things that do not need much video or memory, will be no problem. Is light small and it is possible to be kept in any place. the battery lasts long.

Ideal to have access to Internet and to carry out simple tasks. Is economic than notebooks. If it needs much more that, if a portable computer needs that it replaces completes or partially its desktop computer, if a portable computer needs in order to play, or to work with graphs and 3D, etc, then I recommend notebook/laptop to him. Knowing clearly which is the difference between these equipment, is easier to make a decision and remembers that also we offer customized attention to him in anyone of our points of sale. Compu Greiff its better ally in Technology. Original author and source of the article.