Disparity Between Christ

That moment always arrives where we must stop and reflect As for the religion this moment already arrived. During centuries the church manipulated our faith. Not only the church catholic in the average age, as well as the protestant church and the evanglica. Leading in consideration and valuing doctrines and orders of men, as appropriate clothes, to use or not to use beard or maquiagem and adornments, to depilate themselves or not to depilate themselves, to drink or not to drink and as much and as much other things. Opposing the New Will, invalidating the Favour of Jesus, to live in the law of the Jews. As same Jesus said: – Isaiah concerning you augured Well, hypocritical, as he is written: This people honors me with the lips, But its heart is far from me; In they go, however they honor, Teaching me doctrines that are orders of men.

Because, leaving the order of God, you hold back the tradition of the men; as washing of the jars and the cups; you make many other similar things to these. said to them: You invalidate well order of God to keep your tradition. (Landmarks 7:6 – 9). An attitude criticized and fought for Pablo whom it wrote: I do not verwhelm the favour of God; because, if justice comes from the law, is followed that Christ died in they go. (Glatas 2:21). They repair: IF JUSTICE COMES FOR THE LAW, CHRIST DIED IN GOES. Then what it makes a church that if says Christian to act with so great disparity of that one to who says to follow? The church while institution, that making for hands of men, is human being, created for men, constructed for men, managed for men and nothing has Deus or Jesus to seeing with this. Gods, Jesuses and the Espirito Santo enter the same in the church (done for hands of men) at moment where I and you enter, therefore they inhabit in us.