Division Political

The level of competence is allocated the highest (national) average (regional) and local. If the division makes for performance, then we can talk about elite psevdoelite, antielite. In addition, the release: “The elite of blood ‘, or the aristocracy, the elite of wealth, or plutocracy, the elite of knowledge, or meritocracy. Likewise, there is a distinction between oppressive, totalitarian, liberal, democratic elites and open and closed. Pareto distinguishes two main types of elites: ‘Lions’ and ‘fox’. For ‘lions’ typical conservative, tough power management techniques.

Society where the dominant elite ‘lions’, usually stagnant. ‘Fox’ – masters of deception, political combinations. Elite ‘fox’ is dynamic, it provides a transformation in society. So, in the political elites are: senior management personnel, managers and ideologues (intellectuals, representatives of the artistic world, the clergy), judgments and opinions which are in great authority. But in the elite includes not only individuals and groups directly involved in management, but also the most influential economic and administrative circles, mass media executives as well as family members of influential individuals, although they seem to be not directly involved in decision-making and policy implementation. The composition of the political elite also includes those members of the ruling class, which are not formally linked with politics, but have a behind the scenes influence on political decisions, they play the role of so-called “gray cardinals”. The political elite perform the following functions.