Drilling – a way of machining the material to produce cylindrical holes in its various forms. Drilling carried out a drill in the direction of the axis of rotation of the tool. Actually, most of the work tools to perform the drill (located at the end of drill) – and they bore holes in wood (screw), as almost always drilled it up. Get round holes drilled through and dead-end (socket). Holes or nest material may be designed to , boring, installation of dowels, thread (to screw the screws), passes fastener made of metal, for various technological needs. Also drilling removes defects from the material (the holes close up).

Drilling perform drills with manual and mechanical drills, drills or special (boring) machines. Drilling machines are used in nailing wood, soft metals and plastics used drills made of carbon steel grades U8, U9, U10 and dr.Chtoby achieve greater speed drilling of the same materials used low-alloy steel X, B1, 9HS, 9HVG and dr.Dlya Drilling glass, ceramics, stones and other hard materials used diamond drills. Drilling distinguish transverse and longitudinal. These differences are based on the direction of flow tool (drill) – at longitudinal flow direction and parallel to the axis of rotation of drill fibril material in transverse, radial flow or (similarly named 2 other types of drilling) and the rotation axis is perpendicular to the tool fibril material. Just distinguish types of drilling in the form of the resulting hole: cylindrical sverlenieSverlenie oval and otverstiyRassverlivanie existing holes