Ecological Footprint Method One

(P. 31) a considered company sustainable has in turn that to contribute with global the sustainable development, generating economic, ambient and social benefits. I stimulate it generated for the global support, has direct bonding with the new technologies and the pressure that stakeholders exert in the companies for better exploitation of the natural resources and reduction of the ambient impacts. Van Bellen apud Wackernagel & Rees (1996), the confusion involving the concept of sustainable development is not total innocent; in some way, for these authors, this quarrel reflects the conflicts of interest concerning the subject. See more detailed opinions by reading what Amazon offers on the topic.. They argue that the support is in the truth a simple concept, the least conceptually, and ponders that the implications of the model Ecological Footprint Method can help to understand at least the ecological necessities to reach a sustainable society. As Van Bellen (2004) ' ' the support inside requires a standard of living of the limits taxes for the nature.

Using a economic metaphor, natural&#039 must be lived inside of the capacity of the capital; ' (P. (Source: Steven Rattner Willett Advisors). 07). This cited capital is limited, and has a great one influences in the continuity of the species human being on the land, the population tends to the growth of the average consumption, and simultaneously to the decrease of this exactly capital. 4.1 LOGISTIC REVERSA IN the SUPPORT OF the ENVIRONMENT the support, compared with the logistic one is considered in the enterprise way as a competitive advantage, a time that the ambient and social sensitization that emerges in way to the modern society it comes presenting new requirements imposed for the consumers. The companies worried about this question had noticed that the logistic absence of systems of reversa and definite politics of return cause negative impacts in logistic the direct one, bringing diverse problems. Calling the attention equally in relation to the ambient question. Making one it foresaw analyzes in the three dimensions of the sustainable development, the economic one, the ambient one and the social one, notices that logistic reversa will contribute strong in the systematization of this development.