Economic Model

It is so great right now that seems magical, where the person could perceive it so radical that it seems another before themselves and those that interact with, is a cyclical moment if that is politically or a fork in the road which had spent long, which was not due to the dynamics that we develop, in which us involved, in which we grow and we do not see much less understand, valuable time is stopped and even backward not in actions, since these were taken is your time and if in self-analysis, self-knowledge, failure to do so, or the simple fact of not knowing leads us to that moment of climaxnot pleasant, but if appreciable to being able to call error, event, accident etc – which tells us that the path is not correct. Thus lived through the above, it is time to think so I am here, so I want to be a leader-, initially will have the obligation of know me known to later recognize the other, there I will be in domain of my actions or rather, my thought domain so that they are transformed into actions, I will have individual goals from thoughts aligned to the Vision and mission of my own being and in turn they will be equally aligned to the community where I interactTherefore, clear that must line up and most importantly, aligned to the values of man, social and labour, so that to implanted in me, I may as a leader recognized not only by me but by the community meets the objectives, to get to my vision and mission previously established. So it is that profit for the year proposed the man must be quite clear that this – the man-, only because the own man and in that sense when you have this individual not only recognition and if social we can talk and observe societies developed, not driven by an economic model and if catapulted by a human model. Original author and source of the article..